“I flunked retirement!” -Bob Alexis, Founder of Back Seat Review

Back Seat Review was born from failure

After a long and successful career in the medical field Bob looked forward to spending time with his family, sailing, travelling and more.  He quickly realized that something was missing: he missed the interaction, stimulation, daily communication and contact with the general public.

After learning about ridesharing, Bob thought that this could be a unique way to stay in touch with people while exploring more of the city. Excited to start this new journey he was given a very simple yet important task from his wife - to be productive and find new restaurants.

Back Seat Review was born; Bob quickly discovered that ridesharing patrons have extensive knowledge, passion and opinions about their restaurants. After all, who doesn’t love to talk about food!

Based on thousands of critiques (good and bad) the BSR formula was created. It takes a certain number of positive recommendations to make our exclusive list. We do not take any monetary consideration from restaurants.

Because of this unique method of acquiring restaurant recommendations, Back Seat Review became a guide to where the locals dine. Our list will not exceed 200 restaurants to ensure we are bringing you the best of the best.

Our recommendations come from you, the ridesharing customer: the most knowledgeable restaurant patrons in the world.

Live your best food life, start exploring today!